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  1. precious!

  2. Hi My name is Oliver, I'm a designer based in Manhattan, New York.
    The reason of my email is that I'm actually looking for a fashion sketch artist to work with, I stopped by your blog and I really liked what I've seen so I would like to collaborate with you.
    Basically I've been designing a line of sweaters for men and I would love to work with somebody who can make a perfect fashion sketch of each piece that I've designed.
    My plan is to get in touch with fashion labels and corporate offices of brands like Bergdoff Goodman, Diesel, Botega venetta, Zara etc.. and submit the work to them.
    I have a few connections in the industry and they can help me get an appointment with the head designers or creative directors of those brands, everything we're gonna work on together will be patented and we will be signing a collaboration agreement whenever we work on something together. I really believe that this line of sweaters is definitely something new, the message behind the line is something classy and upscale.
    I can send some of the stuffs that I've designed so far and if it's something you are interested in we can talk further and see how we can link up.

    Thx for your time.

    Looking forward to hearing from you